First steps

Session 1

Esio, Dot, Durlan and Tian Yi found themselves floating on a mysterious barge through the void. A strange merchant kept them fed and traded some goods before introducing them to the ships captain, Ferryman. The hooded man read the parties fortune, seeing a dark power in their past, strange new times surrounding their present, and an evil “queen” controlling their future. After the reading the party was lead off the barge and into a smaller vessel that carried them into the deck.

After a rough landing and a close call with a huge earth elemental the party met with Justicar Oakeland Kir’Emir Richards and his royal guard who had road out to investigate the crash. The party was lead to Whitethrone where they agreed to help Justicar Oakeland Kir’Emir Richards address security threats in the great planes.

Esio and Durlan were introduced first hand to the prejudice held against fey creatures in Whitethrone, and the whole party were warned to lay low as tensions in the city are high. Their main contact from this point would be with an eccentric pair of traders, Juan and Jocc. They met with these men in the large farming town of New Burge, where they helped fend off a group of fish-like raiders. They pursued these raiders to their masters lair and now look into the murky abyss of a submerged cave, ready to deal with this bandit threat.



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