Snow going

The party fought their way through thick snow and blizzard for several days to find the assumed dwarven mine. To their surprise the trail was ridden with dead frozen dwarves and yeti’s had taken up home within their path. Upon reaching their goal they found a massive canyon carved to represent a dragons mouth. with warnings carved into the walls. “A powerful wizard is always prepared to fight a dragons fire with his own.” Deep within the cave a large cavern hosted a obsidian alter which after some trickery acted as a lift, lowering into the darkness below. Their destination was marred with a flooded walkway, dwarven blood and the sound of turning gears and waterfalls down a long passage.

Highway to Highhelm
Session 3

Session 2

The party returned to New Burge victoriously to find their new friends, Juan and Jocc have moved on to the mountain city of Highhelm. A letter waited for them in town requesting that they follow the duo there asap as important events were unfolding. Sparing little time the party offered their services as guards to a group of highway service men in exchange for some coin and transport to the city. Esio further explored his new found voodoo doll and with the help of Tian Yi, determined that it was int fact cursed and bonded to Esio. Despite their best efforts they were unable to break the curse. After a couple days of travel the team reached the highway work site and were asked to defend the engineers from rampant elementals as they attempted to replace the highways aging protection wards. They were successful but unfortunetly, moments before the wards were brought back online to drive away the raging elements, Esio was crushed in combat and killed. To his surprise he did not stay dead. His cursed doll brought him back through a reincarnation, and then crumbled to dust. With his new body, that of a goblin, the confused and saddened Esio rejoined his party and continued to Highhelm. There the group were enlisted by Trovag Uthaun, an officer of the city militia, to investigate a valuable mining camp that had gone dark. Juan requested the team specifically because he is under orders to collect information about the region and asked them to act as his informants should anything appear out of the ordinary. The party struck and deal and were off into the fridged winter wastes. So far only feral yeti’s have crossed the adventurers path but they begin to suspect something more dangerous is watching just over the snowbanks.

Session 4 (coming)

Hag Havok
Session 2

Our hero’s dive headlong into the murky cave waters and (with the help of a little magic) battle their way past a handful of beasts and traps. Waiting for them in the depths its lair is a horrid sea hag. She fought fiercely, almost killing Dot, but in the end was defeated. After quickly searching the hags lair, finding some stolen weapons and a curious voodoo doll, the party promptly left the cave for fresh air and began their trip back to New Burge.

First steps
Session 1

Esio, Dot, Durlan and Tian Yi found themselves floating on a mysterious barge through the void. A strange merchant kept them fed and traded some goods before introducing them to the ships captain, Ferryman. The hooded man read the parties fortune, seeing a dark power in their past, strange new times surrounding their present, and an evil “queen” controlling their future. After the reading the party was lead off the barge and into a smaller vessel that carried them into the deck.

After a rough landing and a close call with a huge earth elemental the party met with Justicar Oakeland Kir’Emir Richards and his royal guard who had road out to investigate the crash. The party was lead to Whitethrone where they agreed to help Justicar Oakeland Kir’Emir Richards address security threats in the great planes.

Esio and Durlan were introduced first hand to the prejudice held against fey creatures in Whitethrone, and the whole party were warned to lay low as tensions in the city are high. Their main contact from this point would be with an eccentric pair of traders, Juan and Jocc. They met with these men in the large farming town of New Burge, where they helped fend off a group of fish-like raiders. They pursued these raiders to their masters lair and now look into the murky abyss of a submerged cave, ready to deal with this bandit threat.

The adventure awaits!

Be prepared!


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