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  • Justicar Oakeland Kir'Emir Richards

    A veteran soldier and politician, Oakeland serves as liaison between the throne of ice and the people of the greater Whitethrone area. He oversee's all matters of public safety through the city guards, militia and public free agents.

  • Ferryman

    Maintains the link between the deck and the ancient realms. He is fascinated by mortals who travel these voids and uses his fortune telling help all those he can. He has seen many brave and scared travelers take this journey but never once has he been …

  • Trovag Uthaun

    Trovag is a gun for hire, and proud of it. Currently employed as an officer with the Highhelm militia, he bares no desire for more power or advancement, simply enjoying his duties and a good fight. This has resulted in an odd situation, in his old age …

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