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  • Whitethrone

    White throne is the central "civilized" hub of the deck. This grand city is home to a massive crystal spire known as the throne of ice. Little is know about the creation of the spire but historians and rumors alike speak of a great battle between the …

  • New Burge

    This large farming community is the key collection point for all the food that comes from the area's east of [[Whitethrone | Whitethrone]]. It is often raided and attacked due to its separation from the city and location outside of the null magic zone.

  • Justicar Oakeland Kir'Emir Richards

    A veteran soldier and politician, Oakeland serves as liaison between the throne of ice and the people of the greater Whitethrone area. He oversee's all matters of public safety through the city guards, militia and public free agents.

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