Trovag Uthaun

Officer in the Highhelm Militia


This stout creature resembles the merger of dwarf and bear. If it wasnt for the bright orange tinge of his hair, you would not be able to tell where it ends and his layers of fur coat begin. Greeting travelers with a chipper, heavily scarred face and a smile of pure golden teeth, Trovag is one of the few who are willing an open to rare outsides who come to Highhelm.


Trovag is a gun for hire, and proud of it. Currently employed as an officer with the Highhelm militia, he bares no desire for more power or advancement, simply enjoying his duties and a good fight. This has resulted in an odd situation, in his old age Trovag has been around since the dawn of the city and actually bares more experience (and possibly even wealth) than many of the high ranking officials above. This carries the usual respect that is expected within the city but his complete lack of desire to use this power worries those above him. If not currently hired to kill you he offered a friendly face and a lot of hospitality. Some consider this to be a by product of his arrogance rather than a kind heart but either way this has placed him as a key contact between the highhelm militia and Whitethrones. efforts.

Trovag Uthaun

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