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  • Whitethrone

    White throne is the central "civilized" hub of the deck. This grand city is home to a massive crystal spire known as the throne of ice. Little is know about the creation of the spire but historians and rumors alike speak of a great battle between the …

  • New Burge

    This large farming community is the key collection point for all the food that comes from the area's east of [[Whitethrone | Whitethrone]]. It is often raided and attacked due to its separation from the city and location outside of the null magic zone.

  • Highhelm

    This dwarven stronghold is nestled high in the Darklands Mountains. A marvel typical of Galorian dwarven engineering. Travelers are greeted by a massive stone helmet, resting over the main gates into the city. The city supports itself as a trade hub for …

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